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Go behind the scenes on the 1983 Drama movie starring Debra Winger, Jack Nicholson, Jeff Daniels More Cast

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After making "Terms Of Endearment", Debra Winger's next big project was apparently a trip to a rehab facility. She was suffering with drug abuse during the making of this movie and behaving very badly. She was cursing like a madwoman, fighting like Rocky Balboa, and driving Shirley MacLaine so far up a wall that Warren Beatty's older sister drove at warp speed away from the set one day. Well, almost... A Paramount staffer jumped onto MacLaine's car to make sure she didn't get away.
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Burt Reynolds was originally offered the part of 'Garrett Breedlove' the ex-astronaut. He turned it down and instead took the lead part in "Stoker Ace". The part then went to Jack Nicholson.
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Debra Winger spent an entire week in the hospital they filmed in to get that "sick" look down.
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John Lithgow was called in to replace another actor and his part was filmed in only three days during a break from filming for "Footloose" (1984).
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During the scene where Aurora and Garrett are laying in bed together the "morning after" actress Debra Winger was really under the bed sheets tickling Shirley MacClaine!
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Shirley MacLaine and Debra Winger allegedly did not get along during the making of this movie.

In fact, in Shirley MacLaine's autobiography, she says that Debra was pulling mean pranks and pretty much raised hell in some of her behind the scenes antics.

I can vouch for Mrs. MacLaine's insight. I was an extra in Leap of Faith starring Steve Martin and Debra Winger. (I am seen in the tent scene) and while on the set I witnessed Mrs. Winger throw a huge tantrum and she was really nasty and mean.

And if you don't believe me I know that the film is supposed to be set in Kansas, but was actually filmed in Groom, Texas where I was during the shoot. Mrs Winger stayed at the hotel directly across the street from the set. You can see it in the movie and it was an actual hotel in the town.
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The movie was filmed by the script... Literally. This meant there was a lot of cross-country filming instead of doing all the scenes out of order.
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The "Terms of Endearment" homes are located on Locke Lane near Kirby Drive, Houston. Aurora's house still looks almost identical to how it appeared in 1983. Next door, Garrett Breedlove's house has undergone significant renovation including movement of the fireplace, window changes, and adding a new brick front facade.

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Deleted Scenes

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I saw this movie when I was about 13 or 14 yo, and I remember a scene in which Debra Winger, in the hospital bed, says that she does not regret some things she did, and one of those things was eating M&M's (reference to the colorants that may have originated her disease). Recently I saw it again, and I missed that scene. It's my imagination, or this scene was deleted from the DVD edition?

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Alternate Versions

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